Lishi movement has been shown to improve suppleness, strength and lung capacity whilst enhancing mobility of the joints and general health and wellbeing.  Movements are slow and continuously flowing combined with deep synchronised breathing while focusing on the verticle alignment of the body.  Exercises are low impact yet high intensity.  Lishi is suitable for everyone as the intensity of each exercise can be varied to suit all abilities.

Lishi classes are taught by our fully qualified club instructors who have expertise in traditional Chinese movement.  Classes welcome new members at all times, and no previous experience or equipment is required. Initially, you can wear comfortable exercise clothing as you would at the gym – plimsolls are best, but trainers are also suitable for your first sessions.

Lishi Tai Chi is based on daoist philosophy and has been practiced for centuries, the reason it’s still around today is for one reason only and that\’s because it works.  Lishi enhancing quality of life and wellbeing. The movements practiced teach students to use their natural energies to restore balance and gain control over their mind and body. The practice of Tai Chi is energising and relaxing at the same time and come with many intrinsic benefits.