‘It’s not the giant steps that does it, it’s the lots of tiny ones’  Take your first few tiny steps with us, join us at one of our weekly classes or weekend workshops.  Traditional Chinese Fitness is focused on improving your health and wellbeing.

Our training system is known as Lishi which originated from China and found it’s way to the UK in in the 1930s benefiting the western world to these ancient eastern arts. Lishi movement has been shown to improve suppleness, strength and improves lung capacity whilst enhancing mobility of the joints and general health and wellbeing.  Movements are slow and continuously flowing combined with deep synchronised breathing while focusing on the vertical alignment of the body.  Exercises are low impact yet can be high intensity.  Lishi is suitable for everyone as the intensity of each exercise can be varied to suit all abilities.

Lishi classes are taught by our fully qualified club instructors who have expertise in traditional Chinese movement. Lishi’s exercise system is broad and contains many arts within one. Each week you may focus on one aspect specifically, although each of the arts contain the same principles which should be transferred  throughout each exercise. Within Lishi you will learn the following arts, Tai Chi, Daoist Yoga, Kung Fu, Health arts, massage and deep diaphragmatic breathing. That’s a lot of aspects to learn in one evening but don’t worry about perfecting the practice, whats important is to participate and attend regular classes.  I always advise students, it’s not about being good at something but instead ask yourself is it good for you.  That should be your motivation.

‘Mindful exercises is proprioceptive movement with breathing and is a very natural way of training’  Movements are slow and sustained involving lots of concentration and awareness of each movement. The idea is to leave the class feeling great, boosting energy levels while feeling centred and calm.  It takes a bit of patience from new students to stick around as this is not your usual type of fitness class where you will burn lots of calories and shredding body fat to pumping music, although you should expect to be active and move around lots, working on improving suppleness, breathing, mobility of joints. The pace is slow and quiet allowing students to concentrate while learning, your mind has to be as active as your body.

Our physical bodies are visible for all to see, and that’s why we are all conscious about our size and appearance, on first appearance people naturally form an opinion of us from how we look and then how we speak as they are the most prominent attributes of a person. However our minds, emotions, energy levels our not on show therefore not considered seriously enough.  Most people are not really aware of these aspects of themselves, so how can we expect others to consider them. Although saying that often other people eventually get the measure of you having spent enough time around you, the saying comes to mind “smile and the world smiles with you” to further explain this, life is like a mirror  so what you present to the world is reflected straight back at you.  So you might be thinking whats this got to do with movement and exercise, well the answer to that is, it has everything to do with movement and exercise.  But specifically ‘mindful exercise’ Are you calm? Centred? or in a state of unbalance or somewhere in-between? or possible your not aware at all as you have never really consider any of this, or maybe you have considered this but don’t know how to improve these aspects.  ‘To really enjoy life you have to feel good’ and that’s a feeling not a something, so lets start paying attention to how we feel and take action to feel awesome.  It’s like changing the lense on a camera, if you use the right sense you get the perfect picture.  That picture in this circumstance is you, and you are the focus.

When Mind and Body come together there is balance and harmony within. Calm emotions, feelings of joy and serenity which introduce you wherever you go in life. Have you heard the saying “No need to introduce yourself when you enter a room as your energy already does this for you”

We could discuss much further, however, it’s all about the doing, the action, not the giant step, but lots tiny ones. Make your first tiny step this week by attending one of our classes. Visit our timetable for details.